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My relationship with cooking began at home, my family has a real passion for flavours and trying new food all the time. I further nurtured this passion for cooking at Ballymaloe cookery school (2011). This is where I discovered that I had a knack for bringing spices and seasoning to simple dishes in order to elevate them. My love for Asian food was born out of travel to various countries and taking part in as many cookery classes as I could whilst there. Learning about the history and culture behind these wonderful dishes was equally important, and I bring a taste of this to my cooking.

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Once I moved to London, I began working with some of the top catering companies in the industry, all owned by women and all making a real difference to the food scene. Championing local produce, natural talent and creativity. These are some of the qualities I bring to Sticky Pig. 

 I discovered a new appreciation for this cuisine through caring for my Mum when she developed cancer. I looked into the best natural anti inflammatory & anti-cancer ingredients and the cleanest dishes I could create. Ultimately I wanted to make food that was delicious and comforting whilst helping her. This is why a bowl of fresh chicken broth with ginger and turmeric will always bring comfort to me.

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