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Sushi Rice 寿司


Many people get intimidated by the idea of making Sushi at home, but in the (unprecedented) times of today - why not give it a go!

The most important foundation of your sushi roll will be the rice, it needs to have the right amount of bite, stickiness and seasoning. You'll be able to find sushi rice at larger supermarkets and it's important you use the right grain as its shorter and stickier than most. My favourite way to cook the rice is traditional and just with some added vinegar and salt/sugar. This seasoning is important as it gives the sushi flavour you will instantly recognise.

The most important steps for your rice are all before you cook it.

For 3 sushi rolls you'll need 200g (1 cup) rice, then 290ml (1.2 cups water) this is 20% more water than rice, if you add too much water for the cooking stage you will end up with more of a dough consistency. Start the rice off on a high heat and bring to the boil, once it's at a rolling boil - bring it down to a low heat and put the lid on. Keep cooking on the low heat for 8 mins and then take off the heat, do not remove the lid yet. There shouldn't be any more water left and the grains should be larger - allow to steam itself for a few minutes before removing the lid and seasoning.

For this amount use 2.5 tbsp rice vinegar, 1/2 tbsp of caster sugar and 1/2 tsp salt. Mix it well and allow your rice to cool. (

TIP Use a wooden spoon to mix as a metal one can damage the grains.)

The rice should be left to cool in a plastic or wooden bowl till it's room temperature - this is far easier to work with and it will stick nicely to your nori. Do not cool it down in the fridge, if you're in a rush you can fan it or leave by a window.

I'll be posting a video soon about rolling your sushi and the bamboo mats/ingredients that you'll need - happy rice cooking!

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