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Dumpling Classes

Bespoke Menus starting at £200

Select a personal menu, written for your preferences and dietary requirements - then learn how to make select dishes from the comfort of your own home


Bao Classes

bespoke classes starting at £200

Light & fluffy fresh Bao are the perfect partner to your favourite fillings - gluten free & vegan also available.


Noodle & Soup classes

Bespoke menus starting at £200

There are unlimited options when it comes to soups and noodles, learning each step from stock to crispy toppings - so you can create your own at home.


What does my class include?

A cookery lesson in your own home is the perfect way to learn. I will create your personal menu with you and provide all ingredients and some prepared dishes to accompany the main event. Below is a sample menu to show what you would be learning and eating - for more information please email

sample menu

Bao Buns -

Korean fried chicken with pickled daikon

Gochujang aubergine with sesame

Slow cooked pork belly 


Dumplings (Main lesson) -

Pork & prawn with chives (Potsticker)

Prawn & Ginger (boiled)


Sauces -

Chilli & spring onion oil

Sesame & chilli

Black vinegar & ginger



Smacked Cucumber

Stir fried Pak choy with garlic  

Blistered green beans with chilli & Szechuan 



Vegan chocolate mousse with black sesame brittle

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